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Summary: Working with PyHOGS Github Repositories

List of commands for creating and syncing local PyHOGS repositories.

Create and read netCDF files

04 Dec 2014 / Earle Wilson / How to... / netCDF, netCDF4

An introduction to netCDF and the netCDF4 python module.

Use Github with PyHOGS

A tutorial of how to use GitHub for contributing to the PyHOGS repository.

Write a post for PyHOGS

A tutorial of how to post to the PyHOGS website: making an iPython Notebook and supporting files and adding them to the PyHOGS GitHub repository.

Colormap example for bathymetry

An example of making a map with filled bathymetric contours in matplotlib.

Colormap Examples

How to work with colors and colormaps, create your own colormap, and color lines using a colormap in matplotlib.

Create a plot with broken axis

11 Aug 2014 / Earle Wilson / How to... / axes, plotting

Simple demo on how to create a plot with discontinuous axes.

Set the aspect ratio of a plot

An example showing how to set the aspect ratio of a plot.

Read complex .mat files

How to read complex .mat files like a boss

Slice and index Python objects

Indexing and slicing Tutorial

Learn the basics

25 Jul 2014 / Earle Wilson / How to...

A review of Python basics