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Potential topics for Python user-group meetings.

Basic math & numpy

  • mean, abs, max, and related functions
  • len vs size vs shape
  • Difference between Matlab and numpy vectors, arrays, and matrices
  • Index vectors and arrays
  • Binary scalar expansion
  • Masked arrays

Basic programming

  • int vs float
  • Concatenation of strings, lists, etc.
  • Looping, enumerate, and zip
  • Arguments and keyword arguments (including defaults)
  • Namespaces
  • Running scripts from command line and argument parsing
  • lambda (anonymous) functions

Matplotlib commands

  • Other plot types
  • Object-oriented vs procedural interfaces(i.e.: a.mean(0) vs np.mean(a, axis=0)
  • Use of from pylab import * and why it's good/bad...
  • Managing figures, axes, and subplots: subplot, subplots, gridspec, et al.

Other toolkits

  • Basemap, cartopy
  • mlab tools (Matlab-like tools in matplotlib): cohere, psd, spec gram
  • Other Scipy tools ??


  • Interactive ipython environment
  • Inline plotting
  • ipython notebooks


  • git and github