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What is PyHOGs?

PyHOGs stands for Python Hour for Oceanographers and Geoscientists. As the name implies, we are a group of geoscientists that meet for about an hour every week to share and discuss Python related ideas. Our group consists of students, post-docs and faculty from the University of Washington - mainly, the School of Oceanography. We tend to discuss the kind of problems that researchers in our field encounter on a regular basis. Our discussions are usually unstructured and free flowing but, occassionally, someone will present a short demo on a specific topic. Meetings are always informal. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions and share ideas. PyHOGs welcomes all Python users, especially beginners.

How to join

For updates and meeting notices, please join our mailing list.

Using this site

On this site, you can find summaries of past Python Hour meetings and a few how to demos. If you are new to Python, please see the Getting Started Page. All notebooks posted on this website are available on our Github repository. Pull requests are certainly welcomed.


To contact a group organizer, email us at